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Monday, October 4, 2010

Prevention- The Ultimate Goal

Many facts related to cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment have yet to become completely understood. However, research has continually proven that prevention from an early age is the key to solving the complexities with many diseases including cancer and heart disease. People need to start taking a preventative approach on a daily basis and think about what they are consuming and doing to their bodies. I might go to McDonald's today, eat a few cheeseburgers, with a large order of fries and a 44 oz soda and feel good tomorrow; however, the affect on the body will still linger because the bodies mechanisms for fighting off high blood sugar and fat have to work extra hard to help you fight off the high fat meal you just ate. Now, I'm not saying that going to McDonald's is completely bad; but, moderation should be the key feature of society. The same can be said for smoking. If you smoke 2 packs a day for 40 years on a constant basis, eventually the bodies repair mechanisms won't be able to fight off the infections taking place and you are prone to disease and a low quality of life. With this in mind, I will constantly be putting up new posts giving tips on foods to eat relating to certain forms of cancer and different forms of exercise that can help fight off infection. Also, I want to take a deeper look at the role of people's attitude in daily life on cancer. I've heard of many people changing their attitude and then having their tumor size shrink significantly. Has anyone else heard about this or has a story to share?
To conclude, its time to change our approach. With scanty amounts of funding going to research institutions studying prevention, its time to put in more money educating people on what they can do right now in order to minimize their chances of getting cancer or other forms of disease.

A good link on the importance of diet and exercise on cancer

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