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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sugar's impact on Cancer

Cancer cells are rich in insulin receptors on their surfaces. As a result, it is key for people to maintain a diet low in simple sugars if cancer is present. It's good for all of us to cut down on the amount of sugar we consume; however, it is of utmost importance for all cancer patients. It has been shown that cancer cells are unable to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. Sugar is the fuel source of cancer cells. If you are diagnosed with cancer, going to the doctor and thinking he will cure you is not enough. The more I look into current research, the more I learn about the importance of certain factors you, the patient, can control. Also, cancer cells have been shown to thrive in acidic conditions. Drinking alkaline water while eating different vegetables to make your body more basic can help in the fight against cancer. I recently have read about a doctor(Nick Gonzalez) treating multiple types of cancer using nutrition as the main source for fighting. He gives his patients supplements and enzymes as well as detoxifies the patients bodies with many different methods. All of this is without the toxic effects of chemotherapy. Furthermore, he prescribes a diet to each patient after blood testing and taking hair samples. Afterwards, he tells his cancer patients to eat certain foods based on overactivity of their sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous systems. I hope to share more about him soon.

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Anonymous said...

Cutting refined sugar, difficult as it may be, might be a big help. At least eliminating the sugar helped me cure a shoulder inflammation without having to resort to surgery [blog post].

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